What is Turbine Sugar?

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Turbine sugar is a coarse-grained sugar type with a golden brown color consisting of crystals. They are found in supermarkets and natural food stores, and some cafes offer this in single service packages. You might wonder if this rustic-looking candy is better and can replace white sugar. Let’s take a look at what turbine sugar is and how to use it:

What is Turbine Sugar?

Turbine sugar is a refined sugar that gives some fine caramel aroma while preserving some original molasses. Some are made from sugar cane, an organically grown, non-genetically modified crop. Sometimes turbine sugar is also referred to as raw sugar and is a marketing term that implies minimal processing. However, despite this name, sugar is not really “raw Ancak. Raw sugar is obtained in the early stages of sugar processing, but raw sugar is not suitable for consumption because it is contaminated with soil and other impurities. Turbine sugar is free of these residues and is further refined, ie not raw. Another reason why turbine sugar is not raw is that the production contains boiled sugar cane juice to thicken and crystallize it. In particular, turbine sugar comes with a higher price tag than white sugar, usually two to three times more costly. Briefly, turbine sugar is a partially refined sugar with a thin caramel flavor and which keeps some of the original molasses from the sugar cane. It could be three times more expensive than white sugar.

Nutrition As White Sugar

14960 images - What is Turbine Sugar?White sugar and turbine sugar; about 4 grams per teaspoon, but without fiber 16 calories and 4 grams of carbohydrates. Turbine sugar contains a small amount of calcium and iron, but only 1% of the daily intake per teaspoon is not taken. It also provides antioxidants from molasses left behind during the process, but their quantities are relatively low. For example, 2/3 cups of 100 grams of blueberries with the same amount of antioxidants to get 5 cups of turbine sugar should be eaten.
Health institutions recommend that additional sugar intake be limited to 10% or less of daily calories; this is equal to 12.5 teaspoons or 50 grams of sugar if 2,000 calories are needed per day. But the less sugar you eat the better. More additional sugar intake is associated with increased risk of heart disease, negative health effects such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and worsening memory; they also do not mention the role of increasing tooth decay. Hence turbine sugar can sometimes be considered a flavor enhancer to use in small amounts instead of a nutrient source. In short, turbine sugar is similar to white sugar for calories and carbohydrates. The small amounts of minerals and antioxidants it provides are relatively insignificant. Like other sugar types, only small amounts are used.

Turbine Sugar Processing

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Turbine Sugar

Sugar passes through many process steps. This is extracted from the sugar cane press, which is boiled in large water evaporators to form the crystals and rotated in a turbine to remove the liquid molasses. Although white sugar is more refined to remove almost all molasses and remove color traces, only molasses are removed from the surface of the turbine sugar crystals. This generally leaves less than 3.5% molasses. In contrast, brown sugar is typically made by adding molasses in the exact amounts of white sugar. Light brown sugar contains 3,5% molasses while dark brown sugar has 6,5% molasses. Both types of brown sugar are more moister than turbine sugar due to added molasses and have smaller crystals.
As in the other two types of brown sugar, the brunette maintains minimal refinery and some of the original pekmez. Muscovado, Demerara sugar, has larger and lighter crystals than turbine sugar. Usually contains 1-2% molasses. Muscovado sugar is very dark brown and has sticky, thin, soft crystals. Contains 8-10% molasses and gives a stronger flavor. Briefly, brown sugars vary according to their degree of processing, molasses content and crystal sizes, including turbinado, demerara, muscovado, light and dark brown sugar.

How to Use Turbine Candy?

It can use turbine sugar for general sweetening purposes, but it is very useful for foods because large crystals adhere well under heat. We may list some foods that can be used as general flavors for turbine sugar: 
• The best hot corn cereals such as oatmeal and wheat cream • Sprinkle on 
whole-grain cakes, buns and quick bread. 
• For meat or poultry to be grilled or grilled with a dry spice. 
• Baked sweet potatoes, roasted carrots and beets can be sprinkled. 
• Sweet snacks such as walnuts and almonds can be prepared. 
• Pear can be sprinkled on baked fruits such as apples or peaches. 
• It can be mixed into a graham cracker pie crust.
• Pie, apple crumble and cream can be decorated. 
• Spread on whole wheat sugar cookies for a natural look. 
• It can be mixed with cinnamon and used in whole-grain toast. 
• Coffee, tea or other hot drinks can be flavored. 
• Can be used as a natural body or facial peeling. 
Turbine sugar can be purchased in bulk as single service packages and as sugar cubes. Store in an airtight container to prevent hardening. In summary, turbine sugar, large crystals are resistant to heat and are generally used in hot grains, bakery products and tops of desserts. It is also a popular hot beverage sweetener.

Tips for Changing Turbine Flavor

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Turbine Sugar

In general, although an equivalent amount of turbine sugar can be used instead of white sugar in the recipes, each one tastes its own. For example, white sugar, such as an unspoiled white color and a smooth texture, such as whipped cream or a citrus flavored dessert, is a better choice if you like lemon pie. On the other hand, the light molasses taste of turbine sugar blends with wholemeal cakes, apple pies and barbecue sauces. Specifically larger turbine sugar crystals are insoluble in addition to smaller white sugar crystals. Therefore, it may not work in some bakery products.
In a kitchen experiment test, it was found that turbine sugar could easily replace white sugar in bakery products made with damp, fluidized pastes such as cakes. However, it does not work in dry mixes, such as cookies, because it is not dissolved like sugar. In addition, other brown sugar can be used instead of turbine sugar. A few tips for turbine sugar can be listed as follows: 
• To replace a turbine sugar: Half a brown sugar and half a white sugar can be mixed instead of a full turbine sugar. 
• To replace brown sugar with turbine: Adjust to add moisture like honey or apple puree, otherwise baked products may dry out.
• Turbine sugar can be used instead of demerra and vice versa: It can be used instead of the other in recipes without making any special adjustments in terms of texture and flavor. 
• To replace Muscovadose with turbine (or demerara) sugar: A small amount of molasses can be added to the turbine sugar to copy the flavor and moisture of the Muscovado sugar.
Generally, white sugar in a recipe can be replaced by turbine, but may slightly change the color, taste and texture of the final product. Other brown colored sugars may require moisture adjustment to replace turbine sugar. Turbine sugar is an option that is processed less than white sugar which holds a small amount of molasses. However, it does not contribute to an important nutritional value and is quite expensive. It is a delicious ingredient that is at the highest level in sweetener or flavor care among all sugar types and best in terms of crystal size.

The Dangers Of Sugar

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