What Is Vertigo & Vertigo What Are The Symptoms?

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Diseases of aging, located between what is Vertigo? What are the symptoms of Vertigo? Disease what is the treatment for Vertigo? Here, vertigo is a disease with all its details…

It is one of the most important diseases of our age “Vertigo Is A Disease.“Many people are knowledgeable about this disease. Vertigo is a fairly new disease, a disease which we will give you important information about us. Well, what is Vertigo? What are the symptoms of Vertigo? What is the treatment for Vertigo? What causes vertigo? Here’s the details…

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Vertigo, balance or true to false alerts false alerts from the system of the body resulting in the recognition of a state of imbalance. Vertigo, mild dizziness, the patient starts with and he can get out of bed.

Vertigo is not a disease a symptom of an underlying disease experts that it could be that they say the contrary, but should not be confused with the vertigo dizziness. Vertigo, dizziness, unlike you hard and the back of it gives a sense of everything around you. The maintenance of balance in many organs work together. These organs; the spinal cord, brain, muscles, inner ear, eyes and muscles. In many of diseases that affect these organs, Vertigo will occur.


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Most common is benign paroxysmal positional benign (depending on the position of the repeater) vertigo. Circular rotation with head movements occur and manifests itself with severe. to sleep, get out of bed, lean forward and look up as situations arise. Vertigo can also glance at the emerging top-shelf vertigo name is given.


Vertigo intense job stress due to various diseases can occur due to stress can occur independently. Of the major causes of vertigo, migraine, suddenly changing position, the inner ear and the accumulation of fluid in the inner ear . At the same time like a hunger trigger migraines, it can trigger vertigo, but this however, may not be very effective.

The factors that cause vertigo others;

  • Coordination disorder of the muscles
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Blood pressure-lowering drugs
  • Help provide balance growth of the vestibular nerves
  • Migraine
  • Sudden position change
  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Meningitis
  • Today’s busy work schedule
  • Stress


In-ear Crystals to dislodge : calcium and mineral crystals in the ear when played from10-15 seconds and lasted like the feeling of dying in an earthquake is a type of vertigo that evokes. The main reasons; stress, fatigue, and trauma. Diagnosis ear, nose and throat specialist . As the method of treatment is going to try a method that is called by the maneuver instead of crystals.

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Increase in the fluid balance of the inner ear : excessive salt consumption, failure to take adequate fluids, and due to such factors as improper diet, the increase of the fluid of the inner ear, the main balance is one of the causes of vertigo. Ear dizziness as well as tinnitus and hearing loss problems such as seen. It restricts the use of salt along with medication in the treatment of the patient. Of drug treatment have not responded in cases where cortisone therapy commencing.

Viruses can lead to inflammation of the balance nerve : airborne virusesinflammation of the balance nerve) and cause vertigo triggers. Patients nausea, vomiting, and dizziness are not rare. For treatment the patient go to the hospital and is supposed to be under control. The treatment process is approximately 15 days .



Generally confused with the symptoms of vertigo symptoms of dizziness. Many symptoms of vertigo as well as Vertigo from vertigo if you suspect that you can tell whether you will do a little test. To understand the symptoms of vertigo own, return for around 2-3 minutes, bend down and draw round your head or below your waist. After a short while and everything around you is starting to spin if you are feeling very unwell it means that it is a symptom of vertigo.

What Are The Symptoms Of Vertigo?

  • Dizziness
  • Blackout
  • Tinnitus
  • Hearing loss
  • Pressure in the ear
  • Ear discharge
  • Nausea and vomiting

How Long Until A Vertigo Attack?

A vertigo attack has the effect of a high attack. Average 2-3 hours pass between the start of the attack ending with. If you persist in an attack of vertigo, dizziness for 2-3 hours you could see your doctor for Disease Diagnosis.


Each patient describes the dizziness different. “Everything around it freezes, he doesn’t turn around, but I’m freezing, the ground is shifting under my feet, I’m stumbling and walking around, or I’m slipping to one side.” Therefore, vertigo, blood pressure or due to other reasons were that it is easy to understand. Blood pressure, vertigo, dizziness, rather than imbalance and swaying sensation. Blood pressure measurement blood pressure is the simplest method to discern imbalance.

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The treatment of vertigo is to identify the most important element in the story. It is quite important to determine the cause of vertigo as a priority. Vertigo, an infection or the result ofpsychological reasons due to occur, a combination of rest and medication is used. If atumor has occurred due to vertigo, surgery can be treated with.

Among the causes of vertigo drugs that are used for a long time . If the cause of vertigo is definitely determined any drugs that have not been life-threatening if used for a long time, if not until Dec 5-6 months should be given. Thus continued treatment of vertigo can be judged by observing whether provided by a doctor.


  • Inner ear pressure
  • Psychological disorders
  • Neck pain and neck arthritis
  • Inflammation of the middle ear
  • Diseases of the central nervous system
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Migraine
  • Old age
  • From the inner ear to the brain a tumor of the nerve that transmits the position of the head
  • From the inner ear to the brain inflammation of the nerve that transmits the position of the head
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