What is Wolff’s Law?

What is Wolffs Law - What is Wolff's Law?

Wolff’s Law; bones, depending on the physical stress applied to them, impacts or forces vary depending on the density and become stronger resistance.

The vitality of our bones to maintain our lives and our body is indisputable. Our bones, which show a rapid development in the first years of life, become weaker due to various reasons with advancing ages, and the healing becomes much longer and more sensitive in any injuries or fractures. It is very important for almost all vertebrate organisms to have a strong skeleton, that is, to maintain our existence against other living things in nature and to find food.

At this point, there has always been a search for a strong bone system, especially in people performing certain occupations. FightWolffs Law - What is Wolff's Law?For thousands of years, artisans and athletes have practiced blows on solid objects to strengthen their bones and increase bone density. The experience of athletes and fighters, who saw the highly effective benefits of these exercises, remained an enigma or was explained by various claims. The German Surgeon and anatomist Julius Wolff (1835-1902) first demonstrated the phenomenon of increasing the bone density of the impacted exercises as a result of twenty years of research.

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Julius Wolff ‘s introduction to the world of science because of this situation in the medical literature “Wolff Law” is called. Especially recommended for many bone injuries is long-term rest, but Wolff’s Law says the opposite. However, what is stated in the Wolff Law is that the frequency and intensity of the stress-induced impacts to the bone is very sensitive. Wolff found that the bone in question became stronger and more resistant when it was imposed on certain bones at certain levels and at certain angles. In this case, Wolff found that the bones are crushed with continuous blows, and at the same time they become more and more intense and dense, just like the calluses of the hands as they enter into reconstruction. The Wolff Law has provided a scientific basis for a method / exercise that athletes and martial arts masters have known and applied for thousands of years. There is a very sensitive nuance in the implementation of the Wolff Law. Many sports instructors and orthopedists especially emphasize the point, What is Wolffs Law - What is Wolff's Law?The Wolff Law is only useful in exercises of a certain intensity and frequency. Although it varies from person to person, when it is performed more than 2-3 days a week for more than one hour, it does not strengthen the bone but rather weakens. It is also very important that bone strengthening exercises are accompanied by a strict calcium and vitamin-weighted diet. Davis’ law also explains why bones are weakening because of the impact of bumps over a certain level, frequency, and severity.

Sports instructors state that the Wolff Law is most visible in sports such as skipping, jumping, running, weightlifting court tennis .
The fact that Julius Wolff expressed about the defeat of bones reveals surprising results in many respects in terms of the total reshaping of the body. Wolff states that our entire body changes at any time due to the stress effects that our body is physically, psychologically and chemically exposed to, and that it is re-shaped positively or negatively.

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