What Life Was Like For The Arctic Hare?

What Life Was Like For The Arctic Hare - What Life Was Like For The Arctic Hare?

13131 img 20180509 wa0010 300x240 - What Life Was Like For The Arctic Hare?Today, more than thirty types of there are hares in Europe, are located on several continents, including North America and Africa. In the northern portions of Canada (Baffin Island, ellesmere Island and other Arctic islands), and live in the Arctic Circle in Greenland. At the North Pole and the North Pole, he lives in a large rabbit. Their fur is grayish brown in the summer. It has short ears with black tips. In the winter, except for the Black tip on their ears the entire coat color is white. White fur helps camouflage against predators in the winter.In the northern parts, it’s always white colored. These rabbits do not hibernate, they would have avoided a series of behavioral and physiological adaptation to cold but dangerous.

Especially the long claws on their back feet. Claws it uses for digging digging in the snow. On their hind legs like a kangaroo at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour it can travel. At the same time, most of which are longer and more durable than rabbits incisors (front teeth). To remove the plants from the rocky cracks, especially the front teeth uses. Usually some of the island Greenland and the North Pole is located in the top of the tree. They can fit in or on the ground, and dig holes in the snow where they could sleep.

13131 img 20180509 wa0011 300x200 - What Life Was Like For The Arctic Hare?Arctic hares live in Rocky mountainous areas. Arctic hares eat woody plants such as willow branches and roots, mostly, but at the same time, sedge, moss and berries they eat.

Arctic hares between the months of April and may, they mate. The cubs are born until they’ll be from the month of May the month of July. Non-nests usually builds up in the bushes or behind a rock in places. Females give birth to two to eight kittens. The Mother stays with the babies for the first few days. Newborn cubs can protect themselves by remaining motionless among the rocks or vegetation, wolf, Lynx and make it harder for them to see predators such as foxes.

13131 img 20180509 wa0012 300x199 - What Life Was Like For The Arctic Hare?Babies three to four weeks between when they start out of the nest, and just return back to the rest. Young rabbits up to 20 groups can be collected in one slot at a time. They remain approximately eight to nine weeks old they are when they are completely free. Usually when they feed on 10-60% they gather in groups.

Today, Arctic hares Yesil colored list of endangered animals in the area they are located in. Because the only natural predator to the Poles does not interfere much people are exposed to the attacks of animals.

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