Whooping Cough Symptoms And Treatment

WHAT IS THE PERTUSSIS - Whooping Cough Symptoms And Treatment

Usually seen in children, and we know all the details about which can cause death if untreated whooping cough;



A contagious disease, pertussis, is a respiratory disease that is caused by germs. Whooping cough, which can be seen in each age group, the severity of the disease in children and is usually seen in children. Bordetella pertussis disease caused by microbes which are called in the autumn are more frequent.

Severe cough , as manifested by the disease must be diagnosed and treatment should be initiated before necessarily. If untreated, cause damage to the lungs and other organs may play a role in the formation of a variety of hereditary disorders such as.

It is very important that vaccines be done regularly and is full of children. Diagnosis and whooping cough in children with otherwise if treatment is delayed, due to the irregularity of oxygen to the brain can lead to death. At first a dry cough that occur with the disease, in time, starts to have symptoms of the flu. Disease progression in children with severe coughing several times in a row is seen. Facilitating the diagnosis of this illness with cough and choking cough be severe factor is to have a sound.

As with any disease, whooping cough, also early diagnosis is very important. Therefore, you should contact your doctor immediately if you notice these symptoms in your child.Symptoms of contagious disease should not be forgotten and is not necessarily observed in the period measures should be taken. Children with whooping cough should be excluded from areas of public life such as schools.



Which is one of the childhood diseases whooping cough, is a highly contagious disease.Symptom is not contagious and germs from entering the body, protects approximately 40 days between 5 to 20 days. Therefore, children who are diagnosed with pertussis sent to school until a full recovery is achieved and necessarily should be treated by an expert.

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To provide protection against various childhood diseases that the vaccines should not be neglected. In the case of the implementation of vaccines that provide protection against pertussis provides protection for about 7 years. At the same time he is suffering from whooping cough and in a healthy way people who have recovered are immune to the disease of the disease are not in question.



Adults have different symptoms than children of longer duration of the disease process. A dry cough begins with symptoms that over time begins to give signs in the form of a cold.Nasal discharge with fever and cough during this period is observed.

It’s a part of growing over time, although it is quite hard making it difficult to breathe. With an increase of intensive breathing difficulties cough with nausea, vomiting and cyanosis, such as it can cause problems.

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Briefly Ease The Common Symptoms;

  • Wheezing
  • Dark phlegm
  • Very frequent sneezing
  • Coughing spells
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting


Primarily in the treatment of whooping cough the use of antibiotics is initiated. This lasts about 2 weeks of antibiotic use. However, usually in children under the age of 1 children with pertussis disease and the treatment in the hospital should be kept under control in the hospital should be continued.

For the treatment of patients at home, they were a breath of fresh air in the area where smoke, exhaust fumes, smoke and air freshener are not indicative of a stove. The nutrition of the patient is also very important. Against nausea and vomiting that may occur during the treatment process should be consumed with plenty of fluidslight and greasy foodsshould be preferred. Definitely your child vaccinated you should contact your doctor immediately if you suspect pertussis disease and neglect.


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