Why budgerigar Vomit ?

lovebirds - Why budgerigar Vomit ?

Why budgerigar Vomit ?

ghhfhhf 300x250 - Why budgerigar Vomit ?Lovebirds sleek and slim body. More no way of being held in the hand they don’t like. People would be caught up in the idea that if you harm him and,in fear fly. Genetically similar to each other,the types are different, although similarities are kind of a mental mess. Therefore, the people who care about it should be strict and parakeet oversees, they should be able to understand the mood of the bird. Sick birds are creatures quickly. In cold weather ,extreme cold, dust and renovations made environments can they afford to die.The best way to maintain hygiene in their environment should be quite and should be provided. The rate of parakeet illness is quite high and not full of care always involves risk. Fondly when you receive your bird, you don’t want to die in a short period of time! Then the most important factor you need to do is look at them with love and the way you act and the way your bird should be provided at Frequent intervals you should chat with. His life is a form of holding on to your attentions. The psychology of birds crashes you say. Of course crashes and it takes quite long to get from their depression.Somehow you analyze your attitude and your approach to this very well. Of lovebirds ears. A sweet words from you are needed.

images 2 5 - Why budgerigar Vomit ?For getting a new bird it is natural for birds to be unaware of many aspects of. But budgies in a cage,thrown in front of the bait by discarding is not performed. Daily surrender their freedoms and that their bodies have to store positive energy in front. Priority bird starts with knowing what you want. Over time, your bird will get used to it,and the owner will lose their fear and begin to recognize that you accustomed to. That gets over his fear of birds coming and not running away in time you’ll know.They have lived in their own nature they may not be able to quickly and not being sick.Lovebirds when they’re sick, the first symptom is vomiting syndrome. Eating and drinking vomit. Smell of vomiting makes a separate. The moment she threw it, the smell will pass all over naturally,this fragrance will be enough to disturb the bird. In such a case, bathe the bird with warm water that will help eliminate the bad smell. Bird bath water when you set the sensitivity of your arm with the elbow just the babies that show how you are testing the birds,if you provide this rigor in the water332DEE8C FD32 469C 98CA 3993978C8D14 300x282 - Why budgerigar Vomit ?.Lovebirds vomiting of acidic liquid they throw out. Half of them is a form of food and the other half mixed with water. The moisture in the lower part of the beak, and already the smell comes to you. The weakness and draws attention to the posture of a sick bird. Bird vomit at any moment to get bored after a while no longer prone to food cravings and even eat the leaves.It goes the appetite naturally. The infection gradually increases.

blue parakeet by midoriakaryu d67kcj5 300x225 - Why budgerigar Vomit ?Infections and allergies as a result of the increased amount of unwanted fungi begin to appear. In such a case, more with the birds ,take care, provide care, and take the oath you must change. Show it to the vet, and you must learn the underlying causes of it.In birds vomiting syndrome,excessive fear, get used to the owner,I had touched, unconscious, given antibiotics and vitamins, microbes in the mouth when feeding its young,heart rhythm disturbances,and severe depression in birds sadness,my high anxiety and never various wounds and internal ailments,infections ,what’s making the birds sick. To indicate that your bird is ill health. Take it seriously and treat it as a matter of urgency, you must apply the appropriate action. Otherwise, sick bird,lose immunity and may die.

images 15 300x164 - Why budgerigar Vomit ?Other Factors That Caused The Lovebirds To Throw Up,Causes

– During mating occurring bacteria and viruses, causes the sick bird to vomit.
– Viruses through the mouth during that kiss with his wife
– Multiple power feed baby lovebirds and germs they get while trying to lose without noticing it. Most period of ovulation period they are sick and feed their babies with a shape grows. So the nest should be cleaned daily,and clean the cage of the newspaper should be changed. This every day, in a regular manner. Lovebirds sometimes poop in the drinking water of millions of microbes multiply in the water and then is transmitted. You won’t notice you, but they are thirsty they drink water when they get poopy and a virus. They also like people abdominal pain occurs.Siddetleninc nausea gets to me.

yasli muhabbet kusu1 300x225 - Why budgerigar Vomit ?– When it comes to food allergies, indigestion, and various lovebirds, if the birds have been poisoned may vomit and can express it.
– Central nervous system irregularities developing in the sudden,persistent depression,brain trauma may result in the negativity of this kind of mechanism. So definitely you should not leave your bird exposed to the attention.
-zinc poisoning, excessive vitamin A may cause toxicity of vitamin water for the bird to squeeze 2 drops of 2 times per week it will be enough. Continuous medication vitamin store the Le path ,The Bird’s brain and has an adverse effect on dental development. Food poisoning causes more weight gain and constant hunger pangs. The area of the bird’s flight a lot of weight, the share is very small. The properties of the wings of time flying to completely hamlasara they lose.

– Digestive sluggishness leads to additional foods some birds. For example, giving more bread and eggs ,constipated causes. Then they will continue to recur in a variety of indigestion. The infection prevailed in the inner chamber of the stomach won’t take it. A variety of different foods with the judge and more sudden causes of vomiting may occur.

shutterstock 178654715 777x400 300x154 - Why budgerigar Vomit ?– So if your bird vomits, immediately show it to a vet. By applying various urine and blood tests veterinary medicine, bird will share with all of you the true reason for the treatment and prescribe medications. When you use the medication correctly will stop vomiting and your bird back to health will return. The question that we have prepared for you lovebirds why we have transferred the correct information to vomit. Healthy animals to feed ,you wish to enlarge.


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