Why Do We Sneeze?

hapsirmak2 - Why Do We Sneeze?

During the day, for various reasons, we all sneeze. What could have happened and because of that I wonder how you know?

Sneezing, the result of stimulation of the nerves in the nose, the sudden and involuntarybreathing occurs through the mouth and nose are shaped in a way that comprises to give.Nasal passages coughing may be a reaction of psychological arousal.

Causes Of Sneezing

There are many factors in the stimulation of nerves. The most common cause of allergic are affected, but the dust, smoke, perfumes or even suddenly the light not to look into the other as many causes there are. Of nerve endings by sending a warning before sneezing, our noses before a secretion. We usually we are unaware of it.

hapsirmak - Why Do We Sneeze?

Warning in the wake of this pandemic stimulated muscles of the head and neck to the brain as a result of our sudden breath of a divorce can be experienced in the event. Of the vocal cords that chapter closes, and the pressure of the air in here is noticeably rises. Opened and air is then suddenly given out in a loud voice.

During sleep, the nervous system, especially in the dream state since sneezing is closed normally it doesn’t happen. However, if the warning is very strong it may be, but would wake up instantly, but this is not perceived as a threat by the brain.

The details of the cough reflex are unknown, although there’s one thing is known for certain.When you sneeze you can’t keep your eyes open. We close our eyes when we hear scientists attribute this to pain or pain in our body. As a courtesy, trying to keep a sneeze is definitely not recommended.

Per cent of the world’s population is at least 18% with an accuracy of sneezing when faced with sunlight is said to be. Some scientists suggest the number of sneezing may also be relevant.

hapsirmak2 - Why Do We Sneeze?

After you sneeze, people “God Bless You” Christians of the origin of the custom of saying “God bless you” so, “God bless you” or “get on the blessing of God” the phrase is based on.Vby the pope during the outbreak it was made compulsory and said the EBA was enacted.This is a promisefor those who hapsiranl ltinci throwing their bodies in the century was said to be Satan in the sense of greeting.

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