Why Do White People Hair?

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The pigment of the hair and white hair has no pigment, it is known that due to a decrease in white, but it is not known why this is happening.


Usually older people’s hair is white, but sometimes they fell that young people also mind their hair, even white. Why do white people Hair? Everyone is at a different time hair why the Whites? In this paper you will find the answer to question two.

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White chest after a certain age our hair actually is white. The natural hair color melanin is a pigment called, pigment formation begins prior to birth and this more. The color of the hair natural hair melanin pigments in the shell or body of the distribution varies depending on the type and amount. Light and dark pigment of hair is usually in two areas. Various hair colors consists of a mixture of these two pigments.

Alter the structure of the pigment of the hair and the dark, to be open to include other factors that influence.

Intrinsic factors;

– Genetic deficiency

– Hormones

– Hair distribution

– Age

External factors;

– Climate

– Pollutants

– Toxins

– Chemicals

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Melanocytes comprise cells containing keratin hair pigment(melanin) and inject our hair, our skin and the protein that makes up nails. At the same time, the hair on the keratin melanocytes inject pigment gives it its color by continuing to.

The amount of melanin reduces with aging, hair kirlasir primarily and then whites. When it is closer to a decrease in the pigment of our hair fall occurs. So the roots of the hair is usually white. After the age of thirty every ten years increases the possibility of the bleaching of 10-20 percent of people’s hair.

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The University of Bradford in England,Professor Dr. Desmond Tobin, age and genetics attribute to the cause of hair bleaching. Some people rapidly graying your hair for a period of many years in the cause of some people is genetics.

Interesting information about hair

– Between 100,000 to 150,000 on average per hair.

– 100 grams hair alone is so strong that it may carry. A head with the hair, on average 10-15 tons of cargo can be carried.

Human hair spontaneously grows.

Hair grow an average of 0.3 mm a day and 1 cm per month.

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