Wilson disease diagnosis and treatment methods

Wilsons Disease - Wilson disease diagnosis and treatment methods

Wilson’s disease diagnosed and what are the symptoms how is it treated? We have compiled all the information about the disease.

What Is Wilson’s Disease?

Wilson’s disease is an inherited disorder characterized by the accumulation of copper in the body generally. Wilson disease in 1912 as the first person to describe Dr. Samuel Wilson.

Every 60,000 the disease 1% of people that can be seen in a rare disorder. Wilson’s disease in which Copper is the basic cause of many nutrients. Albeit the human body needs a small amount of copper. Normally, when the copper level is greater than the body, throws it.However, patients with Wilson and this also he is not from the body of this copper in the liver, brain, cornea and kidneys accumulate in.

More copper accumulated in the liver cells, can lead to liver damage. The accumulation of copper in the brain may cause damage to cells.

The Cause Of Wilson’s Disease

Wilson disease ATP7B specific gene has been knocked out in the name. This gene helps the body to dispose of excess copper from the liver cells. More copper in the body normally sends it to the gallbladder.

Copper accumulates in the liver where the body cannot. There is a lot of copper, because copper is the liver into the bloodstream and the storage capacity of the body accumulate in various organs including the brain.


wilson hastaligi - Wilson disease diagnosis and treatment methods


The Symptoms Of Wilson’s Disease

Wilson’s disease is an inherited inconvenience, although it may be damaging on the body after many years to reach such size. Symptoms of the disease usually emerge between the ages of 6-20 years. The general symptoms of Wilson’s disease is as follows:

  • Liver Problems

The symptoms of Wilson’s disease occur primarily in the liver. As a result of the accumulation of copper in the liver and jaundice, abdominal pain and vomiting can be seen. If left untreated the disease can lead to cirrhosis and result in liver failure.

  • Brain Problems

As you accumulate excess copper in the body may show different symptoms in the brain.The arms in tremors, slow movement, difficulty in swallowing, difficulty in speech, physical problems such as headaches of various causes.

Also a person psychologically, depression and concentration disorders can be detected. If left untreated, a person’s causes problems such as muscle weakness and dementia.

  • Other Problems

More copper, which cannot be eliminated from the body, accumulate in the cornea of the eye, can. This accumulation is leading to a brownish pigmentlesmey of the cornea.

Other common symptoms of Wilson’s disease, anemia, pancreas inflammation, kidney damage, heart problems, miscarriage or premature delivery in women.


wilson hastaligi 002 - Wilson disease diagnosis and treatment methods


The Diagnosis Of Wilson Disease

People with Wilson’s disease is suspected when a full diagnosis is made by a variety of tests. In general, for a full diagnosis in order to be in mind are the following:

  • A blood test to measure ceruloplasmin in the body is done. Ceruloplasmin is a protein in blood that clings to the copper. In patients with Wilson’s disease, this protein amount is very small.
  • Other blood tests copper levels in the body, is performed to check the functioning of kidney and liver.
  • To measure the amount of copper in the urine, a urine test is done. Usually, this test is done by controlling all urine produced for 24 hours. Usually the amount of copper in the urine above normal.
  • On the cornea by the eye specialist tested.
  • A sample from the liver was examined under a microscope. This process, excessive copper in the liver and, if applicable, reveals cirrhosis.
  • Screening tests also can do a brain scan and kidney.

In patients with Wilson’s disease if diagnosed, the patient should be under the control of brother. The brother of the incidence rate of this disease in Persons with Wilson’s disease is 1 in 4.


Wilson’s Disease Treatment

If treated in the early stages of Wilson’s disease, liver and in the brain damage that you will create will be less. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the doctor symptoms, it is recommended that the tests be constructed on sight.


wilson hastaligi 001 - Wilson disease diagnosis and treatment methods

For the treatment of Wilson’s disease general treatment methods and medications that are referenced in include the following:


Pin used for the removal of excess copper accumulated in the body. Penicillamine copper enables it to be expelled from the body through urine. Also to prevent the accumulation of copper in the initial phase, the dose of the used needle after nearly a year of is reduced.


The alternative, which is a needle of my penis. This needle also provides for the excess copper from the body to dispose of such as penicillin.


An alternative treatment for some cases. Zinc helps the absorption of copper in the intestines. Thus, the zinc, the accumulation of excess copper in the body is prevented.

Especially in the initial stages of Wilson’s disease treatment zinc that can be used as a treatment option. Zinc pretreatment also can be performed in pregnant women.

The treatment of Wilson’s disease is a lifelong process. Treatment primarily starts with the removal of more copper from the body. Then, the accumulation of copper in the body is prevented. If you used drugs with your doctor’s advice is not being used, by starting the accumulation of copper can cause fatal results to occur again.


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