With diamonds and gold, Allah proved to be ‘one’.

god write - With diamonds and gold, Allah proved to be 'one'.

Durham University professor Muslim. Colin Turner,” purity and uniqueness ” in his share of the concepts of diamond and gold sample, Allah’s uniqueness, said that his partner was not. With diamonds and gold, Allah proved to be ‘one’.

god write 300x200 - With diamonds and gold, Allah proved to be 'one'.

Colin Turner’s English share:


It is often said that people worship the Creator without knowing it, because they are attracted to His names and attributes. Humankind’s obsession with beauty, for instance, is an example of the innate attraction that we feel towards beautiful things. And the beauty in things is nothing more than a pale shadow of the reflection of the manifestation of His beauty.

Two other qualities which attract the human mind and heart are purity and uniqueness, and I can think of no-one for whom these perfections are not appealing on some level. People pay high prices for things that are pure – things which are not mixed or alloyed with other things. 24 karat gold, for example, is supposedly gold that is 100% gold, free from other metals and thus ‘pure’. 18 karat gold is gold that is 18 parts gold and 6 parts some other metal, such as copper. People are ready to pay high prices for pure gold, for pure honey, and for many other items which have not been mixed or adulterated with other substances. Purity, or fineness, is something that all human beings love. And purity of spirit is the most prized purity of all.

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Similarly, human beings put a higher value on an item that is scarce than they do on an item which is abundant. Diamonds, for example, are more valuable than ordinary rocks and stones because they are relatively scarce, while ordinary rocks are abundant. And if there is something in the world which is absolutely unlike anything else, it is said to be unique. Human beings love uniqueness, and often pay great amounts of money to be able to say that they are the owner of the only X, Y or Z in the world.

Human love of purity and uniqueness reflects the fact that there is only one Creator, and that the Creator is ‘pure’ in the sense that He is not a compound being and that He is not tainted by having peers, partners or helpers. He is pure, simple and unique, and we as His created servants are innately and understandably attracted to purity, simplicity and uniqueness.


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