Without the brain and the heart what is the animal ?

Without the brain and the heart what is the animal ?

kaanil 136093779874 300x225 - Without the brain and the heart what is the animal ?Almost all living things, the truth of life, the heart and the brains. The greatest reason to live in the brain and heart. You could live without them is not a word. But so much different information that there is in this life ,it’s people enough to ask the question of how this could happen. Sometimes our mind just couldn’t take it and I don’t know how to answer questions that are faced with. Yes, in appropriate circumstances, we are aware of millions of living creatures in different places of their lives. There is an animal adverse? forty years to a question,he thinks, no, that’s not possible we say.Yes, you may not believe it, but a brain and a heart without a pet and live many years consistently.

images 14 1 - Without the brain and the heart what is the animal ?Some types of sea animals live many years. Body structures of jellyfish under a microscope, especially when we receive flattened, and a swim-compliant assets as it is possible to define. this is almost reminiscent of an organ of the umbrella. Therefore a lot of swimming organs has developed.
Medusa or jellyfish the heart and brain. Yes, it’s a very surprising fact, but the fact that it’s life. Most small fish feed on Medusa. Digestive systems with sensitivities to light and is developed. Asexual reproduction of the jellyfish. This reproduction budding taking shape develops. Additionally,weaving the various different carry Poison. Poison is deadly. Therefore, you’ll need to go to the doctor immediately, the poison jellyfish stings can be fatal.

1 300x171 - Without the brain and the heart what is the animal ?Known as the immortal jellyfish animal species living for millions of years. The heart and brain, although not continuous in nature, they live their own and are quite happy. Large organs have ,since animals are extremely fond of comfort. You very curious animals from 2 different marine species without a brain and a heart we have spoken. These are then primarily jellyfish and Medusa. Long in the sea without ever fading in a universe with constant negative in a way they live and proliferate more by asexual reproduction. This begins with the shape of tomurcuklanma multiplication.Growth and development ,organs are too wide, because it is faster.

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