You Need To Know About Agnosia

What Is Agnosia

What are the symptoms and what is agnosia? Our report below you will find detailed information about the type of Agnosia.

What Is Agnosia?

Emotional impressions in accordance with the realization of the objects that the person sees the situation in Manisa with the inability to recognize these objects in other ways, for example, is recognizable by touch. However, then definitely tell me what it is. For example, the inability to recognize the sound of water and money, we offer a variety of like to know touched a familiar object agnosia. Agnosia causes the observation of the following conditions:

  • Objects, people, sounds, shapes, or inability to recognize smells
  • Not understanding the meaning of words and other symbols
  • The weakening or loss of the ability to interpret sensory stimuli

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Agnosia is usually due to a vascular lesion consists of and complex. Deep in the brain that occurs as a result of wounds in the event of the complete inability to be seen. The Greek agnostos (unknown) comes from the word, and the first in 1891, as for the lack of recognition, agnosia term used by Sigmund Freud but actually there is a disorder affected relative to the sensory channel are categorised in that sense.

What Are The Causes Of Agnosia?

Organic may be a result of brain damage or dementia. In addition, schizophrenia, hysteria, emotional factors such as depression can be caused by vascular disorders, which are thought to be on the basis of teknosa.

Enough information about the object, through eye and ear, vision agnosia inability to recognize them by touch with the situation and usually reach the brain, hearing or the sense of touch is associated with only one of. Sensory information about an object, the object to be recognized and remembered information about similar objects in memory to be interpreted.Here’s the interpretation or reminiscence the functions of the brain related to agnosia as a result of damage caused in the area takes place. Stroke and head trauma as the most common cause of this damage may be shown.

What Are The Types Of Agnosia?

Senses or the senses are classified according to the affected and usually visual, auditory or Tactile is defined as. Example:

  • Auditory agnosia

The dog barking, the doorbell, the phone, a tone, such as verbal and non-specific is able to recognize the sounds of nature.

  • Auditory verbal agnosia

To detect spoken words.

  • Contact of agnosia

​To recognize objects by touching

  • Optical or visual agnosia

People, Places, Things by seeing to recognize. Butunlestireme my visual impressions are seen. In this case, the objects may not be reproduced or cannot be drawn. Special type of visual agnosia. Facial agnosia in this case it’s like… familiar faces unrecognizable.

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  • Of color agnosia

Certain colors, objects or colors means having to associate with.

  • Physical partial agnosia

To recognize the various parts of the body.

Sometimes people, after a stroke that affected the right cerebral hemisphere affects the left is an inability to understand that legs don’t appear to, and ano-or sensory inattention songs is called.

Agnosia visual object, the inability to recognize common objects. Occipitalis indicates a lesion in Globus. Specifies the Lobus terminalis dominant lesions with hearing disabilities.The lack of touch recognition, indicates a lesion in Globus parietalis.

With the lack of recognition of people’s faces is called prosopagnosia. This is usually seen along with a paranoid manifestation. For example, shown as a cover for foreign people behind the mirror…

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It is a discomfort with the treatment of agnosia?

A specific treatment for non-Manisa in the ability to interpret a portion of which is lost may return.


Located in our news, written and compiled from different sources of visual content to be created, a letter of suggestions and information. Constitutes the definitive diagnosis and treatment. In the face of any health problem contact your doctor.

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