You Need To Know About Cancer Of The Tongue

tongue cancer symptoms - You Need To Know About Cancer Of The Tongue

what is tongue  cancer? What are the causes of tongue cancer what is the treatment for cancer of the tongue and if you’re wondering, you can check our story.

tongue cancer symptoms 300x200 - You Need To Know About Cancer Of The Tongue

Cancer of the tongue, the language created in different cells together featured a bad tumor.This type of cancer is seen more in men than women. Every person in the discomfort that can occur in the tongue tumor of the stock on the side or end, may occur.

Causes Cancer Of The Tongue

1. Smoking

2. Alcoholic drinks

3. Chemical damage or burns

4. Language is constantly exposed to injury

5. Genetic Factors

6. Hot beverages often to be taken

Tongue Cancer Symptoms

The most important symptom of the disease is the development of small ulcers on the tongue. However, these wounds pain is growing steadily and more and more feeling. As the disease progresses, the language of burning, itching and the pain is increasing. The language also pain in the neck, the temporal regions and even spread to the ears you can save. Other symptoms are swelling in the face and neck, and flowing along with the smell of the mouth of saliva is increased.

Not very helpful in your language, such as stain and tumor formation, immediately consult a specialist.

Diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the tongue

Tongue cancer spread rapidly. Therefore, it is very important that this disease be identified in advance. If detected early, the patients with the treatment, usually able to escape this process by recovering from a literal sense. However, delay in diagnosis and treatment if the results are not encouraging at all.

It is diagnosed by biopsy to clear the diagnosis. Taken a piece of suspicious tissue and inspections are conducted. Treatment of tongue cancer with surgery, radiation therapy, and appropriate process is performed with chemical methods. Of course, in the treatment of disease, the size is also kept in consideration such factors as the patient’s age. Which method is most applied surgical intervention and the outcome shapes.

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