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What Is A Stye - You Need To Know About Front Sight

What is a stye? What is the cause and treatment?

What Is A Stye?

On the eyelid a stye is a common infection. At the bottom of this infection around the eye and eyelashes can be seen. As seen on the eyelid and swelling around the eye. This swelling, pus-filled abscess in the form. The front sight is a bacterium that causes. This is the name of the type of bacteria Staph’ tour.


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Staph bacteria infection leads to the formation of an inflamed eyelid and around the eye.Bacteria is a stye for different reasons. Shallots gives a glimpse of different ways.


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These symptoms include pain in the eye, stinging, tearing, itching and redness. In some cases, the swelling is visible. In some cases they are not seen. Against the light in the eyes are controlled by hassaslasma.

Does It Cause A Stye?

A stye is a condition that is usually caused by bacteria, but occur for different reasons. With the occurrence of infection of the oil glands in the eyelid usually arises. The front sight is not causing Staphylococcus bacteria the bacteria that cause this disease. Individuals with vitamin A deficiency usually seen this situation often.

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Women constantly makeup, makeup and makeup supplies that are not cleaned well in the case of poor quality of a stye. In adolescence are often experienced in people who are out of it. This condition occurs due to personal predisposition genetic predisposition in some people.

Stye which are very common in the spring due to allergies occur. Excessive stress in people with this disease may experience this condition. In cases such as acne rosacea and blepharitis. The use of drugs also weaken the immune system, causing it to be out of sight.


What Are The Symptoms Of A Stye?

Stye symptoms with certain situations presents itself. Individuals usually occur on the eyelids and around the eyes. Presents itself as swelling in these areas. In the eyes of the people of pain and suffering occurs.


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Pain varies from patient to patient. In some cases, while mild in some cases, is seen as severe. Eyes stinging, is a condition that occurs often. Eyes – watering and rednessoccurs. The same time as an itchy sensation experienced.


Stye Treatment

Stye treatment usually are applied in drug therapy. Usually eye drops and oral pills . In some cases, is not sufficient for the medications. These cases are usually experienced as chronic.


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For this reason, in this case drainage is usually required. The pus is discharged by the experts. Discharging pus if the operation does not succeed, surgery is performed to eliminate the inflammation.


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