You Need To Know About Hyperactivity

What Is Hyperactivity - You Need To Know About Hyperactivity

ADHD is not a disease, but behavior is a problem that disrupts learning. Both the child’s and family’s life and is creating a problem. Therefore, the child and family should receive support about this topic.

What Is Hyperactivity?

Hyperactivity in recent years, we often hear a word. Usually we hear this word in the language of every mother and father. In preschool institutions and schools has been a topic that is often spoken in. Hyperactivity as a disease in the lives of today’s children are mentioned. This condition is not a disease or an illness. Hyperactivity is not a learning disorder. Behavior that disrupts learning is a problem.

hiperaktivite hakkinda bilinmesi gerekenler - You Need To Know About Hyperactivity

In other words, a habit is a feature of behavior that causes problems. So a character personality and temperament can be expressed as. Children with this temperament hyperactive brain. Kids who have this condition more acts by not thinking and gets you moving. In addition, do not attract their interest to focus on issues. ADHD of school-age children is 5%.

More frequent in boys compared to girls in this situation. Behavior that disrupts the learning problem in the family causes big problems. To the situation that is causing the problem in the family and stress in the child causing distress to live. Children with ADHD usually aware of the situation. Their movements and behaviour and are aware that they are distracting and annoying.

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Don’t have anything to do about this situation. For this reason, parents should help their children in this regard. By understanding the situation, mom and dad, your child must show proper attention and care. To give children enough love and support in this regard is of great importance. A specialist should be seen by parents and their children to grow healthier. A specialist doctor, a teacher, counselor, and must be within the Union of the family business.


What Are The Symptoms Of Hyperactivity?

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  • He can’t stand.
  • Inappropriate running climbing.
  • Won’t fit even though it should sit.
  • Has difficulty in playing the quiet game.
  • She’s always getting into things.
  • The answers lets slip that.
  • Waiting for the order is enforced.
  • Intervene in events or conversations and cuts it in half.
  • Extreme speaks.

There is a lack of attention;

  • If he’s not interested in attention, or the game can’t give.
  • Loses the materials that will use for activities at home or at school.
  • Does not follow the instructions from beginning to end.
  • Forced to do the jobs that require mental effort for a long time.
  • Interest scrolls in different directions easily.
  • Overlook the details.
  • Listens.
  • Irregular appears.
  • Forgetful.


What Are The Types Of Hyperactivity?

  • All the symptoms of combined ADHD includes
  • ADHD inattentive / lack of concentration
  • Hyperactive-impulsive ADHD / hyperactivity without inattentiveness


What Are The Causes Of Hyperactivity?

There are 3 reasons in hyperactivity. In general, these focuses on 3 reasons. These are; the influence of heredity, brain dysfunction and environmental effect. The effects of heredity, hyperactivity in first-degree relatives of ADHD is likely seen the living child. In the brain dysfunction, attention deficit and attention by concentrating on relevant leads to situations.Environmental impact, does not directly lead to hyperactivity. If you have a genetic predisposition, the environment in this case is the trigger.Environmental factors, behavior of family, birth complications, and medications used during pregnancy.

  • The influence of heredity
  • Brain dysfunction
  • Environmental impact


What Is The Treatment Of Hyperactivity?

Hyperactivity, precisely does not cease to exist. There is not a definitive treatment for this situation. Hyperactive children should help in this situation. There are many methods to help these children. The attitude of the first families exhibited is of great importance. Children should have the support of the family. This gives the children confidence. Respond to the feeling that the support they have is safe. A doctor, a teacher, counselor, and family members should cooperate. Mutual exchange of ideas and cooperation is important and helps.Thanks to the support of the children what they see, better quality, and can lead a normal life.

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Doctor, counselor, teacher and family support, as well as drug therapy is also a used method.This situation varies depending on the degree and situation of the child. For drug treatment, the doctor decide. The decision of the doctor, the medication should be administered in the regular way. Drug treatment in hyperactive children is very important. It has a big effect especially in children with attention deficit. These drugs prolongs the duration of care by reducing mobility. Helps to control the movements of hyperactive children.At the same time, drug treatment, forcing children to be calmer and more careful support. Drugs are addictive.Like all medicines, these drugs also has side effects. Parents of children on drug therapy must be more attentive and always under a doctor’s supervision.

Another method of psychological and pedagogical treatments. Medication is not used as the only treatment in children with ADHD. Cooperation also treatment methods usually are used.In these cases, the child can express himself and self-control to gain skills is provided.Pedagogical psychotherapy and therapies that is applied. Medication therapy is important in the treatment. The benefits of the drug be long-lasting helps. Hyperactivity is important in the treatment of the family, which to be conscious.To get the support of the family and the child be informed and have knowledge of it helps. In this case, children with ADHD for a better life will last.



Located in our news, written and visual content that was created is a letter of suggestions and information to be compiled from different sources. Constitutes the definitive diagnosis and treatment. In the face of any health problem contact your doctor.

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