You Need To Know About Sleep Paralysis

What Is Sleep Paralysis - You Need To Know About Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is also known as the boogeyman among the people. This disease can occur for various reasons. The disease reduces a person’s quality of sleep. Therefore needs to be treated.

What Is Sleep Paralysis?

Falling asleep or waking up after sleep paralysis that is experienced is a condition where the body can’t move for a while. This situation is experienced temporarily. Is expressed as a temporary paralysis. Known as the boogeyman out in public. Sleep paralysis, REM sleep period, which is one of the parts of experienced.

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So Rem is the lightest sleep period of moments this semester. The brain continues even if awakening from the dream of sleep paralysis. Experienced during sleep paralysis, the person is not conscious. Has the ability to move at the same time. Hypnopompic hallucinations sleep paralysis causes the formation of people. They see people often who have been through this believe that dreams have something to do with it.

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Experienced dream to think of them as delusions, in some cases, can see Phantom images.This is usually due to some diseases are more frequent around the family. Sleep disorders, sleepwalking, depression, diseases such as. Diseases can be caused by certain medications as well as.

What Are The Symptoms Of Sleep Paralysis?

  • Before waking up being unable to move
  • Before sleeping take.
  • The feeling to talk to you while falling asleep
  • The feeling when you wake up from sleep to talk to you
  • Hypnopompic hallucinations
  • Hallucinations

What Are The Causes Of Sleep Paralysis?

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  • Sleep lying on your back
  • Have irregular hours of sleep
  • More or less sleep, nap called sleep
  • Suddenly changing lifestyle
  • The environment suddenly changed
  • Lucid dreams are seen prior to stroke
  • As you lie to sleep to be hungry
  • Excessive stress

Sleep Paralysis Treatment

Sleep paralysis is a disease that can be cured. This disease needs to be treated. Causes major problems if left untreated. Many can cause diseases in people. At the same time it is leading to psychological illnesses. So it should be treated. Treatment is usually aimed to improve the quality of sleep. In this case, drug treatment is applied.

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The patient’s degree of State importance. Therefore drug therapy is not initiated immediately to each patient. Varies according to the severity of the patient’s living situation. The doctor is practicing in the form of treatment each patient differently. The severity of the patient if the medication should be administered. The patient’s living situation, more light, more light should begin with the medications. The dose varies according to other patients at the same time.

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Thanks to drug therapy, the quality of sleep is increased. Experienced sleep paralysis more often in people with sleep disorders. Experienced sleep paralysis must be reduced. For this reason, in drug therapy is applied. Drug therapy in people with sleep disorders sleep paralysis the less experienced experienced.


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