You Need To Know About The Motor

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What Is Turbo?

As is known, the principle of operation of the internal combustion engine from the tank of the fuel-air mixing by the creation of the inner part of the explosion in the motor and in this way the motion of the piston. The turbocharger system which is the goal of the fuel-air mixture by allowing more oxygen to be mixed with the violence of the explosion is based on the logic of strengthening. Because oxygen is a flammable substance and thus a more compressed explosion is obtained.

The turbocharger system of the engine through the engine through which air is sprayed into the interior of the pressure increased in the range of about 0.2 to 1.4 bar. Turbo systems necessary to work with smoke coming out of the exhaust than the speed of the energy they take. The output of exhaust fumes during the operation of the system provide various output energy of the smoke through the evening turbo.

Turbo system, but at high revs it starts to run. However, it may not go turbo at very high speeds to activate the system. After 2500 rpm the turbo begins to work the system.

What Is The Torque?

The concept of torque in physics, torque is synonymous with. So the rotational torque generated by the engine into energy is called. A more detailed expression of torque; The engine of kinetic energy that is produced from the movement of the various parts to each other after transmitting, the energy from the wheels to the ground and the wheels finally arrive at a description of the mill. So be high or low torque value of a vehicle, such as starting the engine as follows: is responsible for the transmission of this energy which helps all the parts.

Torque the higher the value, the car can pull that much weight and that may be good so much that can be speeded up a hill.

What Does Horsepower Mean?

Horsepower is sometimes complicated that it appears more comfortable with the concepts of power, which had been formulated to be described with a power unit. Have been suggested by James watt. 1 horsepower means a matter of weighing 75 kg 1 meter per second 1 to be replaced is called. Judging from this notion, 2 horsepower of 150 kg of a substance 1 means that 1 meter per second have to be replaced.

To increase the horsepower of the higher-quality fuel, the engine or the turbo engine to provide support for changing the operating range of the pistons is possible.

What does it mean what is the engine displacement cc?

Engine displacement is the expression of how much each of the size of the engine, although the engine is actually the inner part of the external volume is associated with. 1 full cycle of the pistons inside the engine that can get into the combustion chamber while the fuel-air mixture determines the engine displacement. The greater the volume of an engine, the more horsepower they can produce energy and more.

CC is a measure of volume. “Cubic centimeter” means cubic centimeters and is composed of the initial letters of words. Means such as a 1,4 liter engine 1400 cc 1400 cubic centimetres.

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