Your child is ready for kindergarten? How Can You Tell?

kindergarten - Your child is ready for kindergarten? How Can You Tell?

Your child is ready for kindergarten? How Can You Tell?

slider1 - Your child is ready for kindergarten? How Can You Tell?

Kindergarten and child

These preschool childrenin the minds of the schema as it settles. The child’s assimilation with the ability to use previously owned schemes adapts to new situations. The response from kids at the reflex level, undergo a process of thought until we get to the level 4 stage. The transition from one period to another is slow and does not affect all aspects of the child’s function. At each stage, both vertical and horizontal development. When approaching a new phase with vertical development, horizontal development is common behaviour icsellestirili.

For preschool children, and the transaction of the pre-Conceptual Period

The process Pre-Conceptual period, which was called 2-4,symbolic representation and language development skills in children 5 years to begin with used processes are enhanced to be seen. Schemes of the child’s thought-rich, self-centered, begin to take meaning. Meanings to objects, begins to install. In this situation, communication between the child’s own thinking and his / her environment may cause difficulties.

Kindergarten children can solve a problem for children in the age group 3-4, but can’t be found in the description.

During this period, the typical one-dimensional thinking, the concept of conservation, which prevents detection. A kindergarten child’s intellect execution of a special special (transduction) operates.

And vice versa must be converted into the concept of conservation to be applied and yet to be understood is not the case. For example, the perception of a single dimension of the object is installed within the area of long the rate of the water in the bowl is more think. In the examples of conservation of matter and liquid, based on the assessment of the child occurs some perceptual properties of stimulants (long container, or rocket shaped like dough).

 For preschool children 300x153 - Your child is ready for kindergarten? How Can You Tell?

For preschool children and egocentricity

For preschool children, at a level that can only evaluate events in any location with their own perspective self-centered. The property to be paid vitality in inanimate beings animism is called. For children of 4-6 years, everything is alive. Age 6-7 children moving are living things. For children of 8-10 years are living things that move on their own. 11 upper age children know that not only the animals and plants alive.

Before The Procedure, Intuitive Term

Before the procedure, which was called the intuitive period from 4.5 to 7 years of age , children, complex situations by trying to think. Children this age are at the point of thinking and reasoning, there is still only one size, can evaluate. Have evolved the capacity to think concretely, while the operations of the mind is limited. When a process, will prefer to use the mental ability in the direction of adaptation.

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