Your Nails, Why Are You Eating It ?

1059 - Your Nails, Why Are You Eating It ?

Nail biting is an unconscious behavior without realizing it may seem like whatever she’s doing so willingly.


1059 300x145 - Your Nails, Why Are You Eating It ?

That the habit of nail biting begins in childhood as a role model in changing the living conditions of the individual,psycho-sociological and the attitude is exacerbated by the pressure on the environment and the individual felt.

If the required measures are not taken in a correct and timely manner in the body causes serious health problems and may extend the period of the abandonment of the habit.

Factors That Cause Nail Biting

Quotation of eating disorders seen as a sign of distrust. Nail biting, as previously mentioned, is a pattern of behavior that can be acquired through imitation, that has a natural interest in the behavior of nail biting any individual in the family we have.

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The Main Reasons Are;

  • Mother and father’s life is an important factor. A thing our parents livelihood, to fight their parents often causes problems in the family such as nail biting behavior in children
  • Family in high-pressure and authoritarian education, the child’s tendency to repeat the continuous criticism, jealousy, distress and tension you see enough love and attention
  • this process is the beginning of the school year, children the habit of nail biting caused by stress and pressures over periods of sinav koklestirmek.

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  • Eating out the boy’s aggression impulses of the quotation go on. The birth of a new brother or parents of the children to distinguish between feelings of jealousy experienced by the child as a result of
  • In adults, job stress and stress from your relationship with your wife
  • Introverted people, attitudes kaygisal
  • The violence that followed, tension, horror videos with content

The Dangers Of Nail Biting

The disease almost invites a lot of nail biting. Places a constant touch during the day we get something to eat , we go to the bathroom, and we’ll take the bus, the door handles so we can keep our hands the organ most exposed to external factors.

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  • The bacteria may cause the gums to get infected and the germs within quotation marks.Microbial diseases and the damage it brings in the mouth may occur. This can damage the germs and bacteria spread through the bloodstream and other organs.
  • hangnail, if you eat your nails can cause damage to the edge of
  • infectious diseases, which holds the heart valve, angina, mouth and digestive tract is a disease that requires heavy use of antibiotics such as.
  • Nail food for a long time could erode the teeth, the teeth roots could shake.

Quotation How Can We Avoid Eating ?

  • Former nail biters children dress in lightweight gloves while sleeping. Children can be useful as a reminder when you want to eat nails or bite night
  • Seen biting nails may ignore your parents until the age of 3-4. In the event that continue after the age of 4 should be taken.
  • Can be pulled in the other direction. Cinema, watching television or listening to the radio while his mouth and biting nail biting is to keep yourself busy with something to chew, instead of create a future event
  • Find yourself something to do; spend all your energy to forget about your habit other habits. A simple stress ball you can squeeze it in his palm, or to keep your hands busy painting, sewing, knitting, drawing, or crafts such as lace making you can deal with.
  • Sold in pharmacies Nail Care Products, Polish, products such as cream you can use.

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Don’t take this as not exceeding a habit of nail biting, your hands are beautiful, delicate image, you can freely consider and put it on the table, a hand that will keep your toes curled when you take it in your mouth, you imagine that your nails will get you thinking once more.


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