Your Urine Tells Your disease

urine diseases - Your Urine Tells Your disease

According to the disease the color of urine can predict. You see..what color urine which is a precursor of disease

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Your urine colour changes if there is a benefit to follow. Urine sometimes blurry, sometimes red or even bloody. Constantly change color to change for different colors is not a good thing.Here urine colors you might have and diseases;

Green or blue Urine

There’s nothing to be afraid of. This situation usually originates from the foods you eat. For example, Yesil asparagus your urine color.

Red or pink

There may be two reasons why Red is the color of your urine. Certain medications that you use one of them. For example, drugs that have a laxative effect or may cause redness relieving constipation. Or red color in urine, rather than blood, enlarged prostate and kidney stones can be a sign of cancer.


The reason for this may be a symptom of a urinary tract infection or kidney stones.


You eat certain foods again because of turunculuk in the urine may occur. For example, the wild sturgeon, beets, etc. Jaundice and it is possible that other cases could also try to stay hydrated.


Fed too much protein is a sign of future weighted.

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